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Slack to Teams Migration- Keep Your Data!

Slack to Teams Migration- Keep Your Data!

Modern tools designed to help people communicate, collaborate and share are increasing productivity and helping workers thrive in today’s office environment. There are a variety of options to choose from and making the decision of what may be best for your business can be difficult. While new tools continue to improve, people avoid the migration from one tool to the other, for fear that they may lose their data, cause disruption, or increase cost. However, the switch may be easy – keep all your data, eliminate unnecessary cost and get more value.

While many enterprises run Microsoft’s suite of Office applications, prior to the tremendous recent enhancements in Microsoft Teams, some had turned to Slack for their chat-based collaboration needs. Now, with the new features of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 has a full-featured chat-based workspace, with all of Office 365’s built in security, and the convenient integration of Office apps directly within Teams. For those with an existing Office 365 license, it’s a compelling option to move to Teams, which provides a single location for everything your teams need to collaborate, whether its chats, calls, meetings, apps, or sharing files.

A smart migration from Slack requires a proven approach that securely and completely moves all of your channels, messages, chats, and files to Teams. Spyglass has the expertise in both platforms—along with the proven migration tools—to make it simple to move all of your data to Teams without data loss, barriers, or unexpected issues. Here’s how it works:

  • First, we map your Slack users to corresponding accounts in Microsoft Teams. This ensures your existing content in Slack will be mapped to the right users.
  • Then it’s time to map content from Slack to Teams such as messages, files, videos, and audio. Your Slack Channels (public & private) along with private Multiparty and Direct Messages are mapped and migrated to Teams with the appropriate permissions and structure. This includes messages, replies, mentions, and attachments.
  • You are left with a complete transfer of the history of your content, identities, and permissions, so you can get back to work using Teams, and leverage all of the Office 365 tools right within Teams.

We have proven approaches and a long history of successful Microsoft migrations. We work smart, anticipate challenges, and deliver results time and again. Don’t wait any longer to migrate from Slack to Teams – let us help you make the move. Contact us today to get started.

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