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Using ChatGPT for Compelling Content

Using ChatGPT for Compelling Content

Working in the technology industry, I have heard the term “ChatGPT” thrown around hundreds of times over the past couple of months. Since Spyglass MTG is a consulting company focused on Microsoft platforms, I mostly see and hear ChatGPT (or OpenAI) being used in very technical ways. I myself am not technical at all by nature. I am the Marketing Manager for Spyglass, so while I have a general understanding of the technology that we work with, I am much more versed in the social media platforms that we are using to promote those technologies.  

When I first heard people talking about ChatGPT, I thought it sounded interesting, but it didn’t have any impact on my actual job. Boy was I wrong. When I finally got around to playing with ChatGPT, I realized that it can be used for so much more than just high-level technology functions. As it turns out, ChatGPT is a marketer’s dream come true!  

Oftentimes in marketing, especially within the technology space, it can be hard to create fresh content that is compelling and also digestible by the average consumer. It can feel daunting to keep up with the trends and create enough content to keep your audience engaged. Sometimes I hit a wall where I know what I want to promote but the creative juices aren’t flowing, and I can’t find the words to create compelling content. 

That is where ChatGPT comes into play! I can give ChatGPT a topic that I want to promote on social media (or any platform) and ask it to create content for me. It does an incredible job of turning my simple ask into a very decent piece of marketing content. Of course, it requires that I go through and do some light editing after, but for the most part, it produces very valuable information.  

For example, I asked ChatGPT to “create a social media post for me based on this information.” The information I entered into ChatGPT was the “About Us” paragraph from our website for this scenario. This is what was created for me within seconds: 

Are you looking to unlock the full potential of your Microsoft investments? Look no further! Spyglass MTG, a women-owned/women-led consulting firm, is here to assist you every step of the way. 

With over 15 years of close partnership with Microsoft, we bring you an extensive range of enterprise solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. From initial design to implementation, upgrade, and maintenance, Spyglass can pave the path for your success. 

Our expert consultants harness proven methodologies, migration tools, and cutting-edge technology to architect, build, deploy, migrate, and manage Microsoft solutions. Whether you're deploying or upgrading M365, implementing Azure, deploying Teams, building a SharePoint Site, developing a Security or Governance Model, designing a Modern Warehouse or BI Solution, or creating AI apps on the Power Platform, we've got you covered! 

Let Spyglass MTG empower your business and take your Microsoft journey to new heights. Contact us today to explore how we can maximize the value of your Microsoft investments. 

#SpyglassMTG #MicrosoftPartnership #ConsultingExcellence #UnlockYourPotential 

While that is far too long for a single social media post, ChatGPT generated amazing content for me very quickly! I can easily edit this and pull it apart into different sections for different social media posts. Within seconds of asking ChatGPT to create this for me, I was given enough content to run a few days’ worth of social campaigns promoting our company.  

If you are also a marketer, I encourage you to check out ChatGPT to help you create more content! It is a quick and easy solution. If you want to discuss further, please contact us today!