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We help retail companies utilize advanced technologies that create more collaborative and personalized environments for their employees and customers. We leverage solutions like Intelligent Marketing, Firstline Employee Engagement, Firstline Worker Shared Device, Innovation Hub, and many more, allowing for better communication between all parties to improve the overall business structure.  

Operating Excellence AI Bot:

The Retail Operating Excellence Bot is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance the application of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in retail management. It boosts operational consistency and efficiency, elevates the customer service experience, maintains SOP compliance, and streamlines new employee training. The bot provides instant SOP retrieval and Q&A, real-time decision-making support, and accelerated training for new hires. It also offers functionalities such as chat history for record-keeping, easy SOP updates, analytics for cost tracking, strong data security, and integration with advanced LLMs. The outcomes include consistent SOP adherence, reduced training time and resources, decreased operational errors, and enhanced customer service standards.

Microsoft Fabric's Copilot AI Solution is a transformative tool for Sales Management, providing real-time sales intelligence and actionable insights. By integrating with Power BI, it automates dynamic report generation, drastically cutting down on time and improving accuracy for precise sales forecasts and trend analysis. This empowers faster, data-driven decisions, helps target sales efforts effectively, and drives growth and maintains market leadership.

Research has shown that increasing customer retention by 5% can lead to increased profits of 25% to 95%. Spyglass MTG leverages Azure AI Services to cross-sell/up-sell, derive customer relationship quality, build market segment analysis, generate demand forecasting, lead generation, analyze customer sentiment, build new customer loyalty, drive top line revenue growth and margin improvement with behavioral analysis of the consumer to drive more relevant offers and recommendations, and implement personalized marketing and personalized pricing and promotions. Understanding and analyzing your brand’s Customer Lifetime Value is the key to unlocking insights that can help you increase your customer loyalty and profitability.

There are 2.7 billion firstline workers around the globe, and only 13% of them feel engaged at work. Modern SharePoint intranets help connect them, and Windows 11, Entra ID, Purview, Defender, and Intune make that connection secure! Information can be staged with Sunrise and Sunset dates, and all presented through Modern SharePoint interface.  The integration of applications like Teams and Viva along with Copilot for Microsoft 365 can lead to highly customized employee engagement and experiences that are unique to the roles the employees have.

By enabling firstline employees to use shared devices, retail organizations can reduce costs and increase security. Most retail employees use a shared device throughout the day whether at a kiosk or workstation. Reducing the number of devices that are in use allows a retailer to save money not just on physical devices but also on licensing costs. At the same time, this allows them to reduce their security threat surface. Leveraging modern cloud services, such as Microsoft Intune and enterprise mobility and security, combined with Widows  Hello and FIDO2 effectively enables the organization to manage Windows 11 devices that can be shared by multiple users for their shift or workday.

Event and Incident Reporting covers the processes and procedures that your organization will use to protect its employees and the public. Ensuring employees have access to the latest policies and procedures is essential to ensuring the safe operations of the facility. Enabling employees to report issues, such as a rip in the carpet or a broken door handle, as quickly and accurately as possible enables the organization to effectively document and remediate the issue in an appropriate time frame. Office 365 and the Power Platform provide the tools to build a cost-effective Event and Incident Reporting platform that meets your unique needs.

SOPs change regularly based on new regulations, new processes, etc. Keeping those SOPs up to date and find able throughout the organization is key. Creating a workflow for content refreshing, and a Teams environment for collaboration, together with a SharePoint intranet site for publishing to the entire organization is paramount to the success of this solution.

Getting input from employees on corporate ideation is critical, and the innovation hub facilitates that process. What would be the best endcap for the Holidays? How do we best get our customers back into our stores? Challenges can be issued to certain groups of employees to illicit input and feedback in a gamified way.

Policies change regularly based on new regulations, new processes, etc. Keeping those documents up to date and find able throughout the organization is key. Creating a workflow for content refreshing, and a Teams environment for collaboration, together with a SharePoint intranet site for publishing to the entire organization is paramount to the success of this solution.

Our AI-powered HSE solution, powered by Office 365 and the Power Platform, ensures the safety of employees, the public, and the environment. Streamline processes, enable quick issue reporting, document hazards and risk management efforts, and generate comprehensive reports. With an advanced AI component, easily access Q&A for all procedures and processes. Build a cost-effective HSE platform tailored to your organization's needs. 

Our solution offers a comprehensive approach to protect identities and data, ensuring the confidentiality of information, securing research data, and mitigating risks associated with identity theft and data breaches. Spyglass helps organizations do this by focusing on the implementation of the appropriate controls and solutions with Microsoft Purview, Entra, Intune, and Defender for Office 365, Azure, and both structured and unstructured data sources (On-premises and Cloud based).

Case Studies

A large popular retailer faced a complex challenge of managing a diverse array of Azure data services, aiming to optimize their ecosystem for seamless data ingestion, storage, and analytics while ensuring robust security and integration. Spyglass stepped in, providing a comprehensive Data Estate Assessment to evaluate the client's Azure cloud infrastructure's maturity for scalable analytics. Through meticulous workshops and assessments, Spyglass's Microsoft Data experts gauged the client's data estate against crucial benchmarks and devised a roadmap for accelerated adoption of Azure data services.

The assessment not only enhanced the maturity of Databricks and other Azure services to meet cloud standards but also addressed security concerns by educating the team on Azure security concepts. By categorizing use-cases for different platforms, it streamlined operations, establishing Snowflake for core data warehousing and endorsing Databricks & Azure ML for top-notch Data Science capabilities. The assessment also paved the way for optimized Databricks scalability through standardized data formats, a unified catalog for governance, and a distributed hub data mesh architecture.

This automation and decentralization strategy not only enabled efficient data provisioning but also facilitated agility within product groups, fostering discoverability and governance through a unified tool, Unity Catalog.

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