Data Integration & Delivery

Give your team the freedom to query data on their terms at limitless scale

A modern data platform has many meanings throughout the industry. In the most general sense, it is a platform that has the capability to scale to various use cases, personas, and usage patterns. It can handle the efficient ingestion of data variety, velocity, and volume, and it can also make that data widely available for downstream processes and users. 

A modern data platform will:

  • Enable data across your entire organization at scale
  • Allow self-service data discovery easily
  • Support extreme variations in the workload
  • Be cost and resource efficient
  • Cover data warehouse and data lake use cases
  • Allow to federate your databases, data warehouses and data lakes and use them in a single query whether the data is located on-prem or spread across multiple clouds
  • Be secure and still support users and data in various geographical and legislative regions
  • Enable predictive analytics and other data science use cases
  • Utilize modern tools and take advantage of the cloud offerings

Spyglass MTG is an expert in helping organizations blend big data, data warehousing, data modeling, and data integration capabilities. We help you define and implement your modern architecture to give your team the freedom to query data on their terms at limitless scale. To begin implementing your modern data structure, contact us today. 


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