Protect Your Organization Against Threats

Understand and defend against potential threats

It is more critical than ever to be able to have visibility across the entire environment to know what potential risks, issues, and incidents might be happening. Using the Microsoft Defender suite of products can help to not only protect e-mail, endpoints, SaaS, and Identities, it also provides a single console that can be used to hunt for advanced threats and perform investigations from. Spyglass has the required expertise across all of the M365 Defender products and can help plan, deploy, and maintain and offers the following services:

Defender for Endpoint is a critical component for securing devices across the environment including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. The solutions provides protection from Viruses, Malware, Unwanted applications, rogue processes, and more. Spyglass has expertise to help in the following areas surrounding Defender for Endpoint:

  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Policy Creation
  • Attack Surface Reduction
  • Exploit Protection
  • App and Browser Isolation
  • Web Protection
  • Device Control
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Endpoint DLP
  • Reporting

When identity in the environment is both on-premise and in the cloud, Defender for Identity can add additional telemetry to Azure AD and other Microsoft services to better protect and be proactive in addressing issues and risks. Spyglass has the skillsets to do the following to support Defender for Identity:

  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Reporting

Defender for Cloud Apps helps to extend many of the capabilities across the Microsoft 365 suite of products into other SaaS and browser based activities. Spyglass can help customers through:

  • Configuration
  • API Policy Creation for connected apps
  • Conditional Access App Control
  • Discovery
  • Data Governance Policies
  • Custom Policy Creation
  • Reporting

Defender for Office works to reduce and/or stop SPAM, phishing, malware and other threats to E-mail and other documents. This service also allows for the sandboxing of attachments and files before a user opens them to make sure nothing malicious is contained within them across Microsoft 365 services including Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Teams. Spyglass can help with:

  • Configuration across Office 365
  • Policy Creation:
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-SPAM
  • Safe Links
  • Safe Attachments
  • Quarantine Policies
  • Attack Simulations
  • Campaign reporting

Spyglass has helped many of its customers in getting more insights from the data that they are gathering as part of their security and compliance feeds. From these feeds, Spyglass can help to generate reporting, perform investigations, and even automate some responses based on the information available. This work will happen using the Defender Portal, Microsoft Sentinel, and/or other solutions like Power Automate and 3rd party tools.

Spyglass’s 3-Week Microsoft 365 Security Assessment captures your current security state and documents a plan to safeguard your entire organization with Microsoft’s integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions built to work across the Microsoft 365 platform. The focus of the $35k assessment is to determine specific configurations, architectures, and solutions that will maximize return on investment from already purchased licensing and to meet the unique use cases and requirements needed to conduct business securely using the licensed Microsoft 365 solutions. The solutions include all of the Microsoft 365 console configurations, Defender Products, Microsoft Endpoint Management, Azure AD premium components, Information Protection, and Compliance monitoring. The Spyglass methodology allows for recommendations to be tailored to the specific requirements and use cases currently in place as well as the future needs of the company.

Recommendations made are aligned to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM). For this assessment, we will complete discover sessions across many different security domains and perform a configuration review of cloud environments. 

  • Assessment Agenda: · Pre-engagement Discussions · Discovery sessions that deep dive into each domain. · Console and Portal reviews to validate configurations · Defining desired or future state objectives discussions · Deliverable and recommendation creation
  • Spyglass will focus our assessment on the following security domains: · Governance and Risk · Identity and Access Management · Architecture · Data Protection · Threat Detection and Visibility · Incident Response · Application Security · Infrastructure Security · Management Plane and Business Continuity · Legal · Compliance and Audit Management
  • Assessment Deliverables: Recommendations Document, Remediation Roadmap, and an Executive Summary presentation. 


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