Helping Independent Software Vendors Succeed

Giving ISVs the tools to successfully launch offers in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Today’s market is extremely competitive. Companies need to put forth compelling offers that gain attention from potential clients. More importantly, they need exposure to make sure their offers are seen by potential prospects. Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace allows you to publish your offers for thousands of potential clients to see. However, navigating publishing an offer on the Azure Marketplace is very tricky. There are many factors that go into being able to successfully publish your offer.

If you are an Independent Software Vendor looking to leverage the Azure Marketplace to sell your application, we have the experience to help modernize your application and build the Azure Marketplace offerings for you. We will evaluate your solution and its applicability to Azure deployment, either as an Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, or Software as a Service solution. We then work to gather the required configuration information to build an Azure Resource Management template to deploy the solution to the Azure Marketplace. We will help determine the best offer type, including whether it should be transactable or not. You will leave our engagement with an Azure Marketplace solution template and Azure Marketplace offer submission set up to be published on the Marketplace and further promote your solution. Contact us today to start selling your offers!