Address All Needs In Your Merger & Acquisition

Speed up mergers and acquisitions to reduce disruptions to business

As companies grow and evolve, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures become a part of doing business. Spyglass has helped companies for over 15 years with these types of projects. Through that experience we have been able to successfully separate, combine, and/or create new Microsoft 365 environments. We’ve partnered closely with Microsoft to bring their vast and expanding suite of enterprise solutions to clients to speed up this process which can reduce disruptions to business.

One of the largest challenges with any merger, acquisition, or divestiture is making sure that all the required compliance and security components are being addressed. Spyglass uses these engagements to identify all of the use cases and requirements that are needed in the end state to determine the best way to meet or exceed those requirements. The activities are also used to create a more secure foundation for additional services to be added at a later time. This includes solutions like Identity, RBAC, MFA, DLP, retention, classification, encryption, reporting, threat protection, and insider risk management.

Mergers and acquisitions also pose a challenge in making sure that all necessary data is migrated and devices can be managed adequately. Spyglass’s expertise in migration technologies and process along with deep knowledge of Intune allow for the transition to happen in a way that minimizes users' impacts while increasing data integrity. The management of the overall environment is also addressed by Spyglass to validate that initial and on-going activities are covered.

Training and communication plans are developed as activities are completed to make sure appropriate levels of administrative training are occurring and that end users understand what is happening. This leads to a better adoption by end users, reduced help desk incidents, and more efficient management of the completed environments.

We are proud to be a Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner and a Microsoft Systems Integration Partner. We are ready to help you with all of your Merger and Acquisition needs, contact us today!