Azure Landing Zone Deployment

Ensure your Azure environment is set with a solid and scalable foundation

Most organizations start moving to the cloud without a solid plan for how the cloud will be used or a strong foundation that will be used as workloads are deployed. This happens because most cloud deployments start as proof-of-concepts or individual teams starting projects that quickly turn into critical workloads.

Unfortunately, when starting this way, planning has not been done on how Azure workloads/environments will be centrally managed at scale with necessary security and governance controls. Once workloads get deployed, it is hard to back into a secure and governed landing zone, so it is important to start cloud deployments with a strong foundation.

These landing zones can be difficult to setup without real world hands-on experience. This can lead to the following:

  • Shadow IT
  • Lack of governance & security
  • Discord between business and IT

Our Solution

Azure Landing Zones provide a secure and scalable foundation that workloads can be migrated/deployed into and that follow Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. Spyglass MTG can accelerate your Landing Zone deployment and navigate common pitfalls in the process.

The Results:

  • Solid strategy for cloud adoption plan
  • Architectural Design Document that provides a scaffolding for your cloud deployment
  • Landing Zone resources deployed with Infrastructure Code allowing for continued management through code

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