Automate Your Infrastructure with DevOps

Shift from managing infrastructure by hand to managing it through automation

It is important to move from managing infrastructure by hand to managing it through automation.  When you shift to using automation, you get the following benefits:

  • Scalability since you can use the same automation that has been created for multiple workloads that are deployed in the cloud.
  • Consistency as you can review configuration drift and enforce consistent configuration across workloads.
  • Declarative definition of the infrastructure because code is used to document configuration and deploy consistent configuration.
  • Cost savings because you reduce the amount of time it takes to perform activities and issues that can come from manual configuration errors.
  • As you look to move to managing resource deployment and configuration with infrastructure code, we can help accelerate that process as our focus is to use infrastructure code to deploy all resources and configuration.
  • We have built a set of modules/frameworks that can be used to help move customers along their DevOps/IaC journey to help streamline management of cloud workloads.
  • We have skills across Bicep/ARM templates, which are Azure native capabilities, as well as Terraform which is a cross platform third party IaC language.
  • Managing cloud environments is not just about deployment and configuration but also about wrapping automation around your cloud workloads.
  • Microsoft provides many services that allow you to automate your infrastructure, some of which are the following:
    • Automation Account Runbooks
    • Logic Apps
    • Azure Functions
    • Azure Monitor Alert Rules/Action Groups


At Spyglass, our focus is to automate routine tasks to reduce manual effort and add functionality to help better manage the cloud workloads.  Examples of this automation include adding/updating tags as resources are modified and automating the shutdown of virtual machines that are not being used. Contact us today to automate your business!