Secure Your Cloud Environment

Simplify and fortify security in Azure

In today’s ever-changing cloud environment, effective security is one of the most important factors in a business. It is crucial to make sure that your information, users, applications, data, and other cloud components are secured. However, with fast agile development cycles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make sure adequate controls are in place, proper configurations are done, and staff is sufficiently trained to support the needs of the business. A recent (ISC)2 study shows that 94% of the organizations polled are moderately to extremely concerned about cloud security and some of their biggest concerns are data loss and data privacy.

Security Assessment

Spyglass’s 3-Week Azure Security Assessment captures your current security state and documents a plan to safeguard your entire organization with Microsoft’s integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions built to work across the Azure platform. The focus of the assessment is to determine specific configurations, architectures, and solutions that will maximize return on investment from Microsoft solutions that are integrated into the Azure ecosystem. While many assessments are rigid in their recommendations, the Spyglass methodology allows for recommendations to be tailored to the specific requirements and use cases currently in place as well as the future needs of the company. Recommendations made are aligned to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM).

Multi-Cloud Security

As companies move on their cloud journey, many times they are not just using Azure to manage infrastructure and host applications. Securing multiple cloud environments can be a daunting task and with constantly evolving technology, cloud security in general presents enormous challenges for companies to deploy, secure, audit, and manage.  

Spyglass has been working with customers in their Multi-Cloud and Hybrid environments to leverage toolsets across the Microsoft ecosystem to provide the required controls, visibility, and ease of management across the environments.   

Our projects leverage Microsoft services, like Defender for Cloud, to help secure cloud native and on-premises workloads along with IoT devices to help provide update/vulnerability management, common security policies, and single pane of glass visibility for telemetry through Microsoft Sentinel.

Spyglass overlays the capabilities of Entra to create a secure, highly fault tolerate, and extensible identity solution across all cloud environments for both internal and external users while maintaining the Principle of Least Privileged.  Spyglass can then utilize Microsoft Purview and Defender for Cloud Apps to implement a centralized Data Governance solution for unstructured and structured data across the cloud platforms. To secure your cloud environment, contact us today!