Advanced Analytics

Unlocking valuable business insights with advanced analytics and business intelligence

In the dynamic landscape of business analytics, a prescriptive approach is essential for analyzing data, recognizing patterns, and developing models that elucidate past events, predict future occurrences, and recommend actions to optimize outcomes. However, organizations often grapple with disparate data sources, hindering their ability to leverage it effectively for informed decision-making. Many get entangled in extensive Data Warehouse projects that fail to deliver timely results to business users.

Our Approach

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Targeted Business Analytics Solutions

Spyglass steps in to design and deliver precise business analytics solutions tailored to meet specialized business area needs and address specific inquiries. Our Business Analytics platform complements or follows our Modern Data Platform and Data Integration implementation, enhancing the delivery of solutions for even greater insights.



Our Power BI Jumpstart is designed to assist organizations in establishing a strong business intelligence foundation for their data-driven journey. We understand the challenges of adopting Power BI and offer tailored solutions to kickstart your BI initiatives. With internal training, workload deployment, and ongoing support, we empower your organization to leverage Power BI effectively for BI purposes. With Spyglass, you can foster a data-driven culture, making informed decisions that drive business growth and success.
Our MLOps Envisioning Engagement is the initial step towards establishing a robust MLOps platform and methodology. By leveraging the Azure AI, Data, and DevOps platforms, incorporating contemporary CI/CT/CD strategies, and addressing monitoring, security, ML governance, and responsible AI principles, the envisioning approach aims to overcome barriers such as the lack of DevOps skillsets, production-level machine learning experience, and unified deployment methodology. This comprehensive solution is designed to empower organizations in unlocking the full potential and return on investment of their machine learning models.
Our IQi30 offering is tailored to help you become a data scientist by providing a streamlined and comprehensive AI and ML platform solution. With a focus on overcoming challenges like lack of expertise, data quality issues, and technical complexity, our program simplifies the process of developing, deploying, and managing ML models. In just 30 days, you can gain the skills and tools needed to leverage machine learning effectively, enabling you to drive business growth and success through data-driven insights.