Unified Data Governance

Enable a unified approach to data governance with Master Data Management

Master data management (MDM) is an important aspect of a unified approach to data governance. The combination of Data Governance and a deeply integrated MDM solution is a tremendous benefit for our customers. MDM and Data Governance initiatives have continued to progress as a foundational component of digital transformation programs and help you answer questions like the following:

  • Digital transformation?
  • BI & Analytics?
  • Operational efficiency?
  • AI/ML insights?
  • Compliance?
  • What data sources do we have?
  • What is the lineage?
  • Is there any sensitive data?
  • How can I combine data sources?
  • How can I enforce data governance rules?
  • How can I ensure data is high quality and trusted?


Spyglass can help drive outcomes which:

  • Enable a data culture where data consumers can easily find, interpret, and trust data
  • Increase collaboration amongst various business units to provide a consistent data experience
  • Foster innovation by accelerating data analytics to reap the benefits of the cloud
  • Decrease time to discover data through self-service options for various skill groups
  • Reduce time-to-market for the delivery of analytics solutions that improve service to their customers
  • Reduce the operational risks that are due to the use of domain-specific tools and unsupported technology
  • Establish governance standards, improve data quality, and unify data across multiple systems to build a trusted data foundation of enterprise data
  • Deliver a trusted foundation of consistent, complete, and reliable data for operational and analytical use across the enterprise

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