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Choosing The Right Microsoft Partner For You!

Choosing The Right Microsoft Partner For You!

There are more than 400,000 Microsoft partners throughout the world selling services and solutions aligned with the Microsoft cloud. Some are niche to a particular industry or solution, while others might be a division of a larger global company representing many different technologies and solutions. How do you know which Microsoft partner is right for you?


Helping to alleviate this struggle, Microsoft recently identified 6 main solutions: Security, Modern Work, Business Applications, Infrastructure Azure, Data & AI Azure, and Digital & App Innovation Azure where partners can apply for Solution Partner designation. To attain this designation, companies must achieve certain status levels, completing intermediate and advanced certifications, and demonstrating customer deployments in the respective area. It should go without saying that these levels are difficult to achieve and that maintaining the required standards is essential in keeping the solution badge.


The stringent requirements to achieve Solution Partner designation helps to streamline the number of partners to choose from, but still the key is finding the one that matches your company culture, immediate project needs, and long-term requirements all within your budget. Whether you are looking to implement MFA, or reducing infrastructure costs by moving to the cloud, or perhaps implementing an analytics solution to better understand your customers- what criteria should be considered in selecting a partner?


Proven Leadership & Expertise

Spyglass MTG is a women-owned and women-led consulting firm with 20 years of experience providing Microsoft services and has attained 5 of the 6 above solution designations.  Whether your needs revolve around Data & AI, building or modernizing cloud-native applications, migrating infrastructure workloads to Azure, leveraging all the capabilities of your M365 licenses, or keeping your organization secure and compliant, we have proven and verified expertise.


Microsoft Focused

Understanding the Microsoft licensing plans can be overwhelming and frustrating. The nomenclature changes frequently as do the products which are included in each plan. Working with a partner like Spyglass that solely focuses on Microsoft solutions can offer you the insight and guidance to what’s best for your business.


Fully Leverage your Microsoft Investment

There is often a significant gap between deployment and adoption. If your employees don’t understand all the functionalities and features that are included, or simply aren’t using some of the technologies, you aren’t fully leveraging your investment. Whether you have migrated from another technology, or your company has grown via mergers and acquisitions, leveraging a partner with the skills in training, adoption, and change management will help maximize the benefits of your Microsoft investment.


Consistent Results

We work with clients across throughout the United States, in all verticals and of all sizes, and maintain a 90% customer retention rate. As a boutique consulting firm, our customers take comfort in knowing that with each new project we come to the table with an understanding of their environment and company culture. Our clients can save money and valuable time by utilizing personnel who have prior experience working with their teams. Listen to some of our customer testimonials in our new video to see for yourself!



Choosing a partner is a long-term investment that goes beyond the current project. Spyglass MTG welcomes the opportunity to assist you in realizing your company objectives by optimizing your Microsoft investments. Reach out to us today!

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