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Create a Data Platform in Just 30 Days!

Create a Data Platform in Just 30 Days!

Have you ever thought about creating a data platform in Azure but gotten overwhelmed with the process? Or maybe you can think back to previous failed initiatives where nothing was consistent, weeks turned into months and development still had configuration issues, or code worked in development but failed in production? Don’t worry, many people have! It can be both time consuming and costly if you do not have the proper experience, tools, and knowledge to launch it correctly. Instead of shying away from the idea, allow an experienced team of professionals, complete with all the right tools, to drive you through the process.

Seeing a need for this service, we recently launched our Data Platform in 30 Days (DPi30) program. This offer is designed to help you create a data platform in Azure quickly and efficiently- just like its name says, you can expect all of this in just 30 days so you can move onto bigger and better things!

With prebuilt Azure Blueprint for a secure Modern Data “Lakehouse” deployment, deploying a customizable new platform with Spyglass is quick and easy. We have dozens of prebuilt templates provided with our Blueprint, code bases, toolkit, and other assets available to leverage. Our DPi30 program helps you integrate multiple data sources to create an intelligent Data Lake that supports your business strategies. You will also be able to quickly build and deploy intelligent apps, backed by Azure’s prebuilt AI capabilities.

Do you find yourself wondering if investing in a new data platform on Azure is worth it? It absolutely is! With an accelerated modern data platform delivery, your time to market and insight will decrease dramatically. You will get faster and more accurate analytics and predictions. You will also have improved security as it is the most secure, compliant, and scalable platform with best-in-class compliance out of the box. Finally, a data platform in Azure is flexible and provides a host of new capabilities to help you get the most ROI from previously untapped data. It works with your current data sources to increase value from existing investments and grows with your business objectives and goals.

Creating a strong data platform in Azure is a great step towards becoming a fully data-driven business. But what is a modern data platform other than just another data dump with a new jet engine? Business insights are not delivered simply because you have a shiny new platform. Data needs to be modeled, scored, feature engineered to find the most impactful attributes for your business and delivered in a meaningful way. We’ll help you take it even further by adding analytics to your platform. Seeing how these two topics really benefit one another and go hand-in-hand, we expanded upon our DPi30 offer to create an additional package available for our clients. This package is the DPi30 program combined with an Analytics Jumpstart- all in just 60 days!


To improve your business processes and become a more data-driven organization, look no further. Contact us today to discuss both our DPi30 and DPi30 + Analytics Jumpstart offers!

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