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HEAR What Students Have to Say with Higher Education Analytics Reporting

HEAR What Students Have to Say with Higher Education Analytics Reporting

Remote learning is the new normal these days. What started as a way to keep students and teachers safe during the pandemic has turned into a style of teaching that will likely last longer than the virus. However, keeping students engaged with online classes and receiving the support they need from their instructors is difficult. Dropout rates are at an all-time high, and engagement rates seem to be dropping daily.

Many higher education institutions utilize online learning programs to host their classes. These serve the sole purpose of hosting classes; however, they lack in providing real analytics that give insight into student participation, instructor engagement and prescriptive guidance. Teachers and admin can usually see what assignments students have completed, but there is a significant lack in understanding the trends and behaviors of students to ultimately help them succeed.

Recognizing this as a real issue in the higher education field, Spyglass worked to create a solution, which we call HEAR, Higher Education Analytics and Reporting. We can help higher education institutions implement analytical solutions to aid in better understanding the overall engagement and learning patterns of students. Our approach allows the solution to seamlessly integrate with many of the learning management systems that organizations already use, like Blackboard, Canvas, or Nexus LMS. This allows you to continue to utilize your current systems while receiving the analytics you need.

With our HEAR program, we connect your existing systems to the Azure platform, and build advanced analytics with applied machine learning and AI around the information that your system already collects and deliver insight to you with Power BI. We can even deliver back into your applications as needed. Our analysis covers topics like sentiment analysis and opinion mining on instructor feedback, information around assignments, overall course review, how engaged instructors and students are, student to instructor ratio, trending of grades, and much more! The sky is the limit and we work to deliver actionable insights specific to your objectives. By delivering insight with a simple and intuitive dashboard, institutions will be able to see and manage crucial student patterns, engagement rates, and more.

Knowledge is power- set yourself up with all of the information you need to help your students and staff succeed. Contact us today to HEAR how we can help your university use analytics and reporting to improve engagement!

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