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Security & Ransomware Attacks – Could You Be Next?

Security & Ransomware Attacks – Could You Be Next?

Recently, it seems like a different company is the victim of a cyber or ransomware attack on an almost-daily basis. Seeing articles and statements from so many large companies is unsettling for many businesses. Especially as we all navigate a global pandemic, the last thing any business can face right now is a costly security breach.

Universal Health Services was one of the latest victims of a malware attack just last week. In a statement published to their website on Tuesday September 29th, they said “Universal Health Services facilities is currently offline, as the company works through a security incident caused by malware. The cyber-attack occurred early Sunday morning, at which time the company shut down all networks across the enterprise.” We sincerely hope no other company has to experience the kind of attack that so many companies like Universal Health Services has.

Is your business secure enough to protect you from these kinds of attacks? There are some important questions to ask yourself in regards to security and protection. Can you easily identify current “blind spots” for detection and alerts? Do you know how to protect your organization against increasingly sophisticated threats such as phishing and zero-day malware?

Microsoft cloud security platforms ensure that your business has an effective and secure protection plan, from email protection, to endpoint protection and remediation, to internal network monitoring and even a cloud native SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), all fully integrated. But where do you start? Well, we can help! The Microsoft security guidance provides great information, as does the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, but consuming it and making it actionable is difficult and often overwhelming. That is where Spyglass comes into the picture. We’ll help you to adopt an “identity-based perimeter,” with a “zero-trust posture,” and enable you to govern and control your cloud environment and improve your security stance.

Additionally, Spyglass realized many of our customers need a trusted security partner beyond the scope of a single initiative. For that, we created Spyglass 365! After we have helped you align your cloud adoption for security posture, or even if you already have a Microsoft security system in place, we can help you maintain and monitor your environment. With our Spyglass 365 program, your business will have an industry leading certified Microsoft expert to look over your systems and alert you of any security concerns or updates. Spyglass 365 offers you an insurance policy against potential disasters. Leave the security-related worrying to us and focus on your important day-to-day business responsibilities and outcomes!

Learn more about how we can help you with cloud adoption and cyber security journey here.

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