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Teams Audio-Conferencing FREE with CSP!

Teams Audio-Conferencing FREE with CSP!

In these current times, virtual collaboration is more important and necessary than ever before. Long gone are the days of brainstorming with a group of colleagues in a conference room or picking up your desk phone to call a different department with a question. However, if you have been working during this pandemic, you probably already know that. You may have figured out a system to virtually collaborate with your team without being in the office. Maybe you are using standalone video platforms to host online meetings, calling employees on personal phones, and using email to share collaboration ideas. Your system has probably been working just fine for you, but is it the most efficient for the long run?

While there are many programs out there to help you work and collaborate virtually, not all of them work together on one platform. This is why Microsoft Teams is so useful, especially in the current climate. With Teams, you can host your video calls, audio calls, and collaborative files in one place. All of these exist on one platform, making it an extremely effective way to conduct business. One very useful feature of Teams is Audio-Conferencing. With Audio-Conferencing, you can easily schedule and host conference calls, dial into meetings, or call a colleague. If you already have Teams, this is a feature that you should be taking advantage of. If you are considering Teams, now is the time to join!

Microsoft has just announced that they will be offering Audio-Conferencing FREE for 12 months with any new CSP Teams registration. Also offered is a discounted Microsoft 365 Business Voice with a calling plan for 25% off and without a calling plan for 33% off. This promotion won’t last long, and it is a great way to effectively increase your virtual collaboration system. Not sure how to get started with Teams or Audio-Conferencing? We are happy to help! We can get you up and running on Teams with virtual deployments and trainings fit for the current times. We can also help you with all of your licensing needs through our CSP program.

Don’t wait! Contact us for more information today!

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