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With a proven approach and track record of success, Spyglass’s Data and Analytics practice has grown 300 percent year over year since its inception. We have also achieved multiple Advanced Specializations in the Microsoft Data Platform and are recognized as a premier Open Education Analytics Partner (OEA) and Power BI Partner.

We are a data company with deep experience in planning and delivering data and analytics solutions in the cloud, enabling customers to use the full breadth of their data assets to help build transformative and secure analytical solutions at enterprise scales. We are here to help you plan, build, deploy, modernize, and migrate your existing data estate to a modern cloud-based one. It starts with a careful analysis of the needs and opportunities in your data journey. We’ll then work to envision your strategy and execute on that strategy precisely and professionally.


Data Journey- Top Down


Build an initial strategy

How to build your data strategy and pivot to become a data driven organization.

Define your plan

How to develop a plan for cloud-scale analytics.

Prepare analytics estate

Shape data management and data landing zones with key design area considerations like enterprise enrollment, networking, identity and access management, policies, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Govern your analytics

Requirements to govern data, data catalog, lineage, master data management, data quality, data sharing agreements and metadata.

Secure your analytics estate

How to secure analytics estate with authentication and authorization, data privacy, and data access management.

Organize people and teams

How to organize effective operations, roles, teams, and team functions.

Manage your analytics estate

How to provision platform and observability for a scenario.


The next move toward your data and analytics vision

Creating a strategy is the first step. Executing that strategy at an enterprise scale requires the right experience and expertise because it often poses a great challenge to an organization's existing culture, people, processes, and technology choices. Execution also requires commitment and clear ownership at all levels of your organization. Spyglass has the experience and knowledge to be your guide, contact us today.