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Financial Services & Insurance Industry Solutions

We help financial companies empower intelligent banking and insurance with customized technology solutions that are seamless and secure. We leverage solutions such as Intelligent Marketing, Compliance Tracking, and Migrating Line of Business Apps to redefine how financial companies do business. 


Case Study

For a large insurance company, we improved their Cloud Analytics program to assist underwriters in making more informed decisions. We helped move their analytics processes to the Azure cloud and then identified that they had developed cloud workloads on environments that were not foundationally protected. Security was of high importance with this company, so we recommended a current state evaluation with our security and governance assessment approach with a full recommendations and deployment plan as the deliverable. With great level of detail, we mapped and integrated Microsoft Security guidance, the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), and NIST, in order to provide an interactive road map to help this company, and other clients, consume the best practices in a visual way, making the assessment actionable and less overwhelming. We helped this company better align their business and technical strategies and move towards a cloud native approach with an identity-based security perimeter for their business while improving their data and analytics capabilities.