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Manage complexity to succeed in your cloud journey

Microsoft’s cloud solutions offer a compelling opportunity for companies to accelerate digital transformation through lower infrastructure costs, more agility through rapid provisioning, and better service quality across demanding workloads. 

While there are many opportunities, the cloud journey is full of complexities and critical decisions around making the right investment in the cloud, supporting business operations, and avoiding risks. That means answering tough questions, like what’s the right strategy for my cloud deployment? What will it take to ensure a successful migration? What license model works best for my business? How can I ensure that I comply with my cloud licenses to maximize efficiency while minimizing audit risks? 

A Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider can help you get the answers. 

Trust Spyglass, a certified Cloud Solution Provider

As a member of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program, we have the expertise and business structure to provide your business with complete Microsoft cloud services and support at every step. We can provide custom combinations of Microsoft cloud solutions and help you migrate with ease. We can help you chose, procure, implement and secure your cloud products. 

To ensure your cloud migration is a success, Spyglass will help you evaluate your business, applications, data, and infrastructure to develop a comprehensive plan to migrate to the cloud with Azure. 

We have a proven, rigorous process for cloud strategy and migration, which identifies your goals, delivers on measurable outcomes, and creates an executable roadmap to drive success across the cloud adoption lifecycle. 

Decisions around software licensing can have a big impact on a company’s budget. So, aligning licensing to business needs and finding areas to cut costs is key in getting the most value from these investments. 

As a direct Cloud Solution Provider and indirect seller of all other Microsoft licensing products, Spyglass can help you navigate all the licensing options and design and execute the licensing model that works best for your organization. 

See what a Cloud Solution Provider can do for you

Making the right decisions around cloud investments can seem complex. But it doesn’t have to be. As a Cloud Solution Provider, we’ll help you see every angle, so you have the visibility to deploy what you need, integrate with ease and implement a secure cloud solution. Let’s talk about your cloud opportunities. 

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