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Drawing more and more value from data is no longer just a source of competitive advantage. Putting actionable insights in the hands of stakeholders is a must-have for today’s enterprises.

That means taking data—whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud—and running it through powerful analytics engines, and delivering insights any time, anywhere they need to go—be it mobile, web, excel, or otherwise.

Through Azure and Power BI, Microsoft provides a complete analytics platform that’s built to enable modern enterprises to deploy advanced analytics, leverage big data, and prepare for the next data innovation. Of course, the quality of analytics depends on the quality of data management. Here, Microsoft’s cloud-based data management solutions deliver, while enabling better economics, more flexibility, and intelligent security.

It’s time to migrate or upgrade your analytics capabilities with Microsoft.

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With a proven approach and track record of success, Spyglass will help you build, deploy, or migrate in the Microsoft analytics environment. It starts with a careful analysis of the gaps and opportunities in your database environment. We’ll help you devise a plan for migration, and coordinate activities to ensure accurate and timely deployment.

With Power BI, you can put insights in the hands of your employees, which used to be only available to data scientists—whether it’s self-service BI, visualization, or natural language processing. And with secure integration across the Microsoft environment, you can deliver insights to the right people, anywhere, at any time. At Spyglass, we can help you build intelligent solutions and apps leveraging Power BI and other tools, so you can harness the power of data.

From BI to advance analytics and big data, we can help you lay the secure foundation to achieve your enterprise analytics vision. We can help migrate and modernize legacy data warehouse and analytics workloads to modern data platform offerings such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake, and Advanced Analytics.

It’s the end of extended support for SQL Server 2008. We can help you move to newer versions—such as Azure SQL Database (PaaS) or SQL Server on Azure VMs (IaaS)—to ensure that there is no impact on security and compliance.

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Our Microsoft experts are ready to talk about your analytics and data management environment. Together, let’s solve your challenges, identify new opportunities, and start realizing your enterprise’s analytics vision. Let’s start today.

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