A full Microsoft Technology

Department at a Fraction of the Cost!

Supplement your IT Department with industry leading certified Microsoft experts for less than the cost of one FTE

Microsoft Office 365 is essential for your business, but supporting the technology can be a drain on valuable IT resources. Spyglass 365 is the answer to that problem! Spyglass 365 is your development and support solution for your Microsoft environment, providing the full Microsoft help that you need.

Spyglass 365 provides you with flexible, cost effective access to skilled resources that help you get the most from your IT investments. Our team of subject matter experts allows you to supplement or outsource your IT needs efficiently.   


Office 365 Adoption Maturity Model

In these current times, important questions to ask yourself are - is your deployment fully secure?  Are there cost savings opportunities now that you have O365? 

As part of our new Spyglass 365 offering, we have developed an Office 365 Adoption Maturity Model to help you answer those questions and more.  We have created a scorecard that allows your organization to be plotted on the curve based on defined scorecard components. It's important to know where you are on the maturity curve - and more importantly, what sorts of actions you should consider to improve your position on the curve.

Our Office 365 Maturity Model is offered as a part of Spyglass 365 and as a standalone service. Contact us to discuss this offer today!

Focus on your business and worry less with Spyglass 365

A Beneficial Service That Fits Your Needs:

  • Cost Effective: A full Microsoft Technology Department at a fraction of the cost
  • Flexible: Use the type of hours you need (e.g., resolution, education), not a prescribed
  • Transparent: Receive daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting and touch points
  • Secure: Providing an insurance policy against disasters


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