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October 17, 2019 | Microsoft Technology Center

Join us at our next workshop: 

From 0 to Machine Learning powered BI in 4 Hrs

Many organizations are sinking with data and on average 73% of data available to drive business decisions goes unused. Even organizations that have skilled data scientists struggle to operationalize their insights. Spyglass can help demystify the application of intelligent insight by integrating machine learning and AI into your business and show you how easy it can be start leveraging your unused data.

When implemented properly, machine learning and AI can help you make better business decisions by intelligently analyzing market, organizational and customer behavior in ways that guide your organization's growth. Machine learning and AI can be applied to everything from customer demographics, purchasing patterns and demand forecasting to log analytics, inventory and delivery systems, and many other problem domains.

This expertly designed ½ day workshop will provide you with the knowledge you need to begin implementing Machine Learning/AI capabilities within your existing data investments to set you on the path to improving business outcomes.

We will provide an overview of the Machine Learning process, discuss use-cases and teach you how to leverage predictive models to improve your operational analytics with SQL R Services.

Workshop Steps:

  1. Create a SQL 2017 IaaS VM within your subscription
  2. Install & Configure SQL R Services (Python Optional)
  3. Load Backup Demo Database for Analysis
  4. Install ‘pre-trained’ ML Models
  5. Build and Deploy T-SQL Procedure
  6. Make Predictions
  7. Operationalize with Power BI
  8. Review


  • Azure Account
  • Knoweldge of SQL Server Deployments
  • Knowledge of Virtual Networking
  • Basic programming knowledge (Python or R helpful)
  • Basic Power BI knowledge

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Thursday,  October 17th

11:30 am - 5:00 pm - Lunch will be served!


Microsoft Technology Center
5 Wayside Road
Burlington, MA

Presented by William Richard, Azure Data Architect at Spyglass MTG

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