Office 365 Adoption Maturity Model Webinar

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Office 365 Adoption Maturity Model

Jerry Hughes will be hosting a webinar on June 10th to discuss our new Office 365 Adoption Maturity Model!

When it comes to Office 365  - organizations choose to roll out specific workloads (e.g. OneDrive or Teams) at a pace that makes sense to them.  Often times, being so 'workload focused' can cause companies to lose sight of some very important 'umbrella topics' related to overall platform adoption maturity. In these current times, important questions to ask yourself are- is your deployment fully secure?  Are there cost savings opportunities now that you have O365?


As part of our new Spyglass 365 offering, we are holding this webinar to review our new Office 365 Adoption Maturity Model.  We have developed a scorecard that allows your organization to be plotted on the curve based on defined score card components. Please join us as we walk through the scorecard elements and how they relate to the Office 365 Adoption Maturity Stages.  It's important to know where you are on the maturity curve - and more importantly what sorts of actions you should consider to advance your position on the curve. 



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Wednesday June 10th

10am-11am EST (live)

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