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Migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams

Our accelerator tool is geared at enterprise clients with 100 or more channels to be migrated

We can help you migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams, a full-blown enterprise solution. Slack simply provides collaboration software. Microsoft provides security for Microsoft Teams with the integration and connection to Office 365. Govern your business on one platform, Office 365, and use Teams to keep your group connected and collaborating.  

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Key Benefits Of Our Migration Approach


Empower your employees with Microsoft's teamwork platform and create a digital environment along with other Office 365 applications.

  • Empower your teams with a robust teamwork and collaboration platform, a unified search experience, and a digital environment that tightly integrates with other Office 365 features, applications, and security.





Slack has high licensing costs, but Teams does not incur any additional costs outside of your Microsoft 365 / Office 365 subscription. 

  • Teams does not incur additional costs, whereas Slack has high licensing costs. When your organization is in Office 365, your teams can be on MS Teams, allowing you to maximize your investment in existing Office 365 licensing and to reduce your overall platform training and support costs.




With Azure Information Protection (AIP) and Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP), your content will be protected whether it is shared inside or outside of the Teams platform.

  • Making the move to MS Teams and Office 365 brings with it the capability to leverage Azure Information Protection (AIP) and Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP). With these enterprise grade tools, you can be certain about the protection of your content while shared within MS Teams or with external users.



Our Migration Abilities

After the analysis and inventory phase, user mapping is the next step. Slack users are mapped to the corresponding accounts created in Microsoft Teams. We ensure all content is migrated and retained correctly for all users. 


Content Mapping is the next thing that is done after user mapping. All the files, folders, documents, images, audios, and videos from Slack are migrated to Teams while preserving appropriate permissions. Channels, Multiparty, and Direct messages are migrated to Teams as well. Messages are migrated to Conversations and files are migrated to Files in MS Teams.


Teams has all the core capabilities and features that Slack offers. While Slack offers a chat room interface, Microsoft Teams offers that and brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, make calls, meet, share files and work with other business applications. Similar to Slack, public and private Teams can be created for specific departments, projects or even office locations and be shared with internal and external users.



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