Effectively Staffing Your Technical Resource Needs

Spyglass Staffing is a business unit within Spyglass MTG dedicated to fulfilling all your technology staffing needs. While not all projects require the full consulting breadth that our broader team provides, Spyglass Staffing provides the specific resource(s) needed to round out your internal team and fulfill your requirements.  With Spyglass Staffing, our goal is to give you the proper support that you need in order to keep your business flourishing. Leveraging our vast database of technology consultants and our proprietary screening process, we will provide you with top quality candidates just in time for your critical projects. 

Spyglass Staffing not only supports Microsoft Technologies like our traditional Spyglass MTG business, but also a full range of technologies and skill sets. At Spyglass MTG, we have been providing staffing for our core clients for over 15 years, and are now ready to expand this service to all our customers. 
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