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How You Can Migrate from Slack to Teams Without Losing Any Data

How You Can Migrate from Slack to Teams Without Losing Any Data

We debunked the myth that moving from Slack to Teams will cause unnecessary chaos and lose data.

Many businesses are using modern tools to help their employees easily communicate and collaborate in order to increase productivity. It’s absolutely necessary to have a collaboration tool to help workers thrive in today’s office environment. One of the tools many businesses are using today is Slack, a platform designed for team communication.

So I’m guessing you’re using Slack if you’re reading this article and you may even love it. You love the ease of having everything in one place and may have been using the tool for years. In fact, you can’t imagine living without it, or the chaos that would ensue at your company if you were to switch to another tool.

I understand the hesitation moving away from Slack – all your data for years is there, you already have implemented the tool and don’t want to spend any money on anything else, and you wonder if you will you get the same value with another tool? I’m here to tell you that a migration from Slack to Teams is cost-saving; and can provide you more value, while preserving all your data.

Why Make the Switch

Many enterprises are already running Microsoft’s suite of Office applications. If you are already using Office 365, then you have Microsoft Teams, a full-featured chat-based workspace with all of Office 365’s built-in security and integration, available to you at no additional cost. Microsoft has recently made tremendous enhancements to Teams and it continues to improve.

Teams provides a singular location for everything your team needs to collaborate including chats, calls, meetings, apps and sharing files. Since it’s all built with Office 365, you’ll have the convenient integration of Office apps directly within Teams. According to PCMag’s article, Microsoft Teams vs Slack, “Microsoft Teams brings every app in the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 suite into Microsoft Teams in custom tab format…you can add Microsoft Word, Excel, Meetings, Notes, OneNote, Planner, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and a host of other apps as associated tabs with that team, which essentially replicates the full functionality of the app without leaving Microsoft Teams.”

Common Concerns about Switching Answered

“Won’t I lose my data?” No. A smart migration from Slack requires a proven approach that securely and completely moves all of your channels, messages, chats, and files to Teams. Something with which we have extensive experience.

“Will this be a headache?” Also no. We can make this easy! We’ve helped businesses migrate easily and efficiently.

“What about cost?” If you’re using Office 365, then you have Microsoft Teams included in your licensing! Using Teams is more cost-effective than paying for Office 365 and Slack, and the money saved from the Slack licensing can pay for the conversion.

“Should I really make the switch?” Yes! As stated by a DigitalTrends article, Slack vs. Microsoft Teams, “If a company is already an Office 365 subscriber, connecting up with Teams is a great solution in terms of features and pricing. In particular, the more robust video conferencing solution should be attractive to companies with remote members.”

Get Started Today

On November 19, 2019, Microsoft Teams announced that they had hit 20M daily users and they continue to grow! One month earlier, Slack had announced they had hit 12M users.  The platform has made some major changes and continues to improve constantly.

Get started making the switch today! We have the expertise in both platforms—along with the proven migration tools—to make it simple to move all of your data to Teams without data loss, barriers, or unexpected issues. Contact us to get started!


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