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Microsoft SharePoint is the Future of Business. Here's Why.

Microsoft SharePoint is the Future of Business. Here's Why.

SharePoint Online may be the solution for your business if you're searching for a method to manage documents, collaborate on files from anywhere, and access them from any device. Do you still clutter up, share, and edit your company files on a clunky, antiquated legacy system? If this is the case, your team isn't getting the most out of SharePoint and isn't reaching its productivity potential.

Document management and collaboration used to be more complicated a few years ago when the most tech-savvy method was to use a file system shared between your in-house server and remote users. Now, with tools like Microsoft SharePoint, the procedure is considerably simpler and more cost-effective. All of these are put together to make your business processes seamless.

What Exactly is the purpose of SharePoint?

It may be tough to ensure that every employee has immediate access to the company's intelligence and critical documents if you have several places of business. Employees with permission can access, view, edit, and share documents from anywhere in the globe using MS SharePoint solution.

Employees at every level can access SharePoint and collaborate in real-time, as long as they have a web browser. This means that your office workers and remote on-site employees can all use the same convenience that MS SharePoint provides. SharePoint, for those unfamiliar with it, works similarly to Google Drive. It has several tools and features that make it a more complex and multifaceted solution than Google Drive is.

It's a versatile platform that can be used to host anything from an intranet to a blog site, file repository, and content management solution. It also has different versions, including SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online, which are included in Office 365.

When you create a new team site on SharePoint, you have the option of utilizing file versioning, document check-in/check-out, indexing and searching, a designated web interface, and Seamless integration with other Windows apps.

What makes SharePoint solution so powerful is its capacity to integrate various activities throughout an organization. Companies may connect traditionally independent applications such as intranets, process management, content management, business intelligence, and corporate social network in one platform.

SharePoint solution is available in two forms: as an "On-Premise" server product and as a "Cloud" variant known as SharePoint Online. The On-Premise version gives you direct control over your data and compliance protocols. However, SharePoint Online is subject to Microsoft's industry-specific security measures.

Finally, why should you use SharePoint? It can be used for any objective that aims to bring your company together. There's no limit to the data you may store and save on the platform, whether it's project deliverables or internal communications.

What are the benefits of using SharePoint Solution?

To Upgrade Your Document Management System

Data floods the workplace today at every checkpoint, with email being a notable example. If it isn't email, it's customer support inquiries, meeting minutes, marketing reports, and so on. It's easy to become overwhelmed attempting to keep track of everything.

Sure, you may use your desktop's elaborate file system to keep track of all of your work-related papers, but what if a remote employee needs access to one of the files you have worked on? Your firm's data is diverse and contains information about several initiatives, teams, and files of various forms and sizes.

Even the most versatile leaders find it difficult to keep track of everything. This is exactly where SharePoint comes in. Users may immediately take charge of the precise data points they need without having to wade through numerous papers that aren't necessary.

They can send documents and files to SharePoint Online from anywhere at any time if you're utilizing cloud-based SharePoint Online. It does not end there. You won't have to abandon your existing best practices to use this new form of data management.

SharePoint is a data management solution that includes Microsoft Office Suite components, including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook, as well as Microsoft Unified Communications and Exchange Server. Users can connect to line-of-business systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the same platform.

They may both use the same front-end interface and back-end connections to build customized views and interactions with those systems. It's a simple data management solution.

Seamless Collaboration

A SharePoint Online environment allows a group of people with similar responsibilities working on the same project to communicate and collaborate. Everyone has access to the same versions of documents, making it simple for everyone involved in the SharePoint project to stay up to date at all times and with every development that happens on the job.

The advantages of using SharePoint Online for online collaboration are numerous. Organizations in different countries can use it to link up and share ideas. Instead of waiting for the meeting to begin, people may connect at any time. This encourages creativity and boosts production.

Conformity to Regulations and Data Security Controls

Many industries, such as healthcare and law, as well as financial services, have rigorous regulatory rules and standards. However, many of the criteria they must fulfill center on efficient document management.

There should be precautions in place to guarantee that only authorized people have access to sensitive employee and client data. Every stage in SharePoint allows users to set client access license settings that ensures users adhere to the regulations that have been set. SharePoint developers have also made it easy for you to set policies for how long you keep records and what to do when some business records expire. This helps your organization stay in compliance with the law while controlling and managing important information.

You can use SharePoint solutions to set specific permissions that control who can access your company's data. Some of these entities may include sites, folders, lists, documents, and web applications. With one click, you may restrict who may access files and what permissions they have when editing it. You may also check out documents before editing and view all changes. Summarily, user permissions are very important in file sharing because it helps you protect sensitive information, and this makes this a very important benefit of SharePoint.

Boosts Business Productivity

When all of your papers are put on a SharePoint platform, looking for what you need is as simple as a few clicks. You can arrange SharePoint sites so that only the folders and subfolders you want are included. You may then get to the source fast when time is of the essence and need to make a quick business decision.

Although this is a useful tool for company executives, it is also beneficial for staff. With fewer hours spent searching for files, leaders and employees can spend more time on other more productive procedures. This boosts productivity for your business. They're free to focus on their core responsibilities when they aren't looking for business files.

Optimized Content Delivery

There are a variety of business users working in the background to improve your company's content strategy, from bloggers to media experts. It requires rapid approvals, edits, and feedback from your team to be successful. If you're depending on a network of disjointed folders to give solid content control, you'll almost certainly miss the mark. It's difficult to determine who has handled the document, how many times it's been read, and whether the version you're viewing is the latest version of it. When you opt for SharePoint solutions, you receive immediate answers to all of these issues and even more. In seconds, users may generate, submit and manage content for approval.

If you set your content to go live on your intranet or internet sites for a certain date, you'll never have to worry whether it has gone through the necessary review stages. In addition, if you're a multinational organization with multilingual content, SharePoint can also be of assistance to you. The program has document library templates that allow you to easily transition between a primary document and its many translations.

Use SharePoint to Your Advantage And Develop Your Company

There's a reason why thousands of Fortune 500 businesses select SharePoint as their go-to data and collaboration management system. It is the best of the business connectivity services. Choosing SharePoint as a document management platform is a vital step if you want to become one of them.

Microsoft SharePoint is a one-stop-shop for all of your company's IT needs. From data management to staff lookups, the program contains a variety of tools to help businesses collaborate as effectively as possible. The gains you'll get from the SharePoint functionality on your in-house teams on their own are enough to justify whatever investment you make on Microsoft SharePoint.

Are you interested in more information on the advantages of this cloud based service and how it may help your company? Contact us at Spyglass today to book a consultation, and we'll get in touch! You may also call us at 401-495-6888, or Email us info@spyglassmtg.com today.

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